The Pen is mightier than the sword…

We live in an era of digital explosion where everyone and everything is typed, text’d & tweeted everywhere.  Just sit and observe your fellow commuters in peak hour traffic and you’ll soon realize that not even the task of driving can slow down our need for digital connectivity.  P.S I can proudly say I am not one of those people – keeping the phone in the boot avoids any and all digital temptations.

Isn’t it good to know then that you can still immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of picking up your pen and writing or drawing?

Here is a round up of my favorite writing implements:

Ball point beauty:

These everyday gems are not just pretty to look at. The triangular shape makes for comfort of grip often missing in ballpoints. The ink flows very well and consistently (I hate it when ballpoints stutter and you end up tearing a whole through the page).  For daily doodles and jotting these rank amongst my best!

Marker Magic:

These are a staple for all the stationary slaves out there.  They are vibrant (heads up – the silver and gold are sensational) and they pretty much will write on anything.

Last but by no means least……I use this for all my greeting card messages and tags. Somehow it makes me write neater!

Hope to see you soon!




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