A place in the sun….

I was fortunate and lucky enough to escape the City over Easter and browsing through my photos prompted me to share the beauty with you.  

We visited friends in Sedgefield which is a quaint Coastal Town situated in the magnificent lush area known as the Garden Route.  The area boasts brilliant beaches, lush green forests and extensive waterways and lagoons.  

On Easter Sunday the kids enjoyed an Easter Egg race rather than a hunt on the beach.

There’s a veritable plethora of fun activities but these are my personal best:

I’l de Pain Bakery on Thesen Islands, Knysna:

A must for the best artisanal bread and patisserie for many miles. The queue is worth the wait…trust me!

Check out there site

Wild Oats Farmers Market in Sedgefield:  a truly traditional farmers market every Saturday morning – get there early. 

Visit the Farmers Market Site

Redberry Strawberry Farm in George

The farm is expertly equipped for kids of all size: jungle gym, animals, strawberry picking, train ride, bumper boats to name a few. 

Redberry Farm Website
You can canoe, surf or SUP on the lagoon which is breathtakingly beautiful.

Sedgefield, Knysna, George & Wilderness are spectacular to visit and offer fun for all from kids to grandparents. 

Hope you too get to visit! 

Love, Jackie


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