None…think about its significant meaning in you life.  For me by far its relevance being –  none of this concerns me. Seems to be the way of the world in which we find ourselves today.  Not my problem, none of this concerns me, none of it, nope, no ways, never and none of my business are statements we use daily.  I am by no means attempting to preach here but rather just share sentiment and express an opinion, which are like arseholes and everyone has one!

People have become so closed off to the world.  They live behind high walls, access controlled secure estates with cameras mounted everywhere to protect them from the world. We seem to make decisions based on biased unsubstantiated rumors and half truths. Thriving on negativity, sentiment and speculation.  Life  it seems is about measuring success by the cars you drive, the toys you have acquired as a montage to your accolades and all the pretty things you wrap around your arm.

We look around at the world we live in and some are fortunate to realize the true wealth they are surrounded with through family, friends and unbreakable bonds.  Life has meaning and is rich through a shared sentiment of care, genuine concern and a love of life.

Some are less fortunate and find they are at a loss for substance and meaning because they chose none of it. Life is messy, awkward and experienced through facing up to challenges not hiding behind blinkers thinking ‘none of it is my problem’.  We all no these people they cramp their own style and can swallow a room with negative rhetoric and dramatic statements.  These people don’t allow the mess, the don’t allow themselves the privilege of putting down roots to craft the meaningful life they so deserve.  I feel sorry for people who think the grass is greener over there, somewhere else away from life happening right in front of their eyes!

It’s seems everyone wants bigger, brighter, stronger, prettier, more prestige, more power and stronger influence on all fronts all of the time. But the moment it all becomes too much and it gets tough then suddenly people will have none of it.  People want to eject themselves and escape.  The position being run baby run…I hope that those who choose to run find what they are looking for at the end.

I recently stepped way outside of my comfort zone and decided to protest.  And no I don’t mean I dispatched a one liner on social media.  I mean full on signs and shouting and jeering along one of SA’s busiest highways along with my fellow countryman.  What a remarkably uplifting experience, standing shoulder to shoulder in protest against the looting of the state by the corrupt.  The experience was astonishing,  the feeling was one of liberation (of sorts) from a lot of anger and unhappiness.  This is not an experience you get from reading the news or grumbling to those around you.  I think if I had taken the stance of not my problem I would have deprived myself of a totally enriching experience.

You may ask why?  Quite simply we protested because I don’t want my son to grow up in a country that is looted and pilfered and left with no bright future.  No matter what the future holds in terms of the country, if Adam ever asks, we will be able to say we stood up and shouted against it.  At the same time we are trying to nurture a compassionate, caring and loving human being who will go into the world and prosper.  It is important that he adopt a framework of tackling life’s obstacles and challenges even though his greatest current concern is the whereabouts of his beloved ‘bike’.  By teaching him to tackle life’s quandary’s head on he will learn to problem solve and most importantly to be resilient to all of life’s challenges.  As his parent besides the love and affection we bestow this is one of the most important traits we try and focus on with him.  A person’s ability to center oneself in the face of adversity is the victory.

As you may have surmised by now, I am not a fan of the word ‘none’, its very meaning has very little positive value to me.  What it most certainly does do is separate those who it concerns and those who don’t consider it their problem.  I hope you are the latter! 

Love Jax




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