Dream team…

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Which collaboration would see you fulfilling your pursuits?  Armed with any alliance you desire what would you be able to achieve?  Such an interesting topic – with such exciting possibilities.  Think about what your dream team would be made up of.

So I am going to indulge and share mine which has ‘moving’ parts.  This is my big dream team algorithm if (when) I make it happen…

It starts with a Drill Sergeant (just kidding…maybe) but she’s one of the most incredibly organized people I know. Sometimes that gets tarnished with a dull luster but what separates her is the decisive ability to make decisions on the fly. Not only that she’s able to accurately and precisely see the impact and effect of those decisions!  All of which is done with a brilliant “let’s get it done” mantra that truly achieves!  She has the ability to make the to do list yours…a truly disarming charm. Before you know it she’s got you subscribed to the Agenda!  She’s incredibly driven and ambitious which – is needed – by a drill sergeant!

My next dream team player is our bubbly bubble maker! Yes truly – she makes the best McC in South Africa!  Her beguiling smile and disarming charm will make the most awkward of social creature feel as if they are home.  Her charm and wit has most people eating out of the palm or her hands within minutes of an introduction.  We always joke that we wouldn’t want to compete with her in a social race.

Our MCC maker recently acquired a stunning farm which is in the process of being developed into a home for her revered bubbly. More updates to follow on this exciting new project and home –  I promise. In amongst the farms gems is an old barn, complete with rustic charm, thick walls, atmosphere and romance.  It has a special magic especially at night when full of people having a jovial time.

craigantlet farm

Armed with these two talented ladies,  one to arrange the special event the other to supply the venue, my role would be the stationary.  Together the three of us – in my collaboration dream are a formidable team.

Watch this space – hope you have thought what your collaboration dream would be?

Love, Me


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