In the bag – What tote to buy now…

Hello friends,

The next must have wardrobe item is a work tote or everyday hold all.  The word tote means carry.  Boy do I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me!  Traditional totes have two handles but given the enormous array of merchandise on offer this is just a descriptive.

The deciding factor here has to be ease of getting to the contents of the bag quickly -without wanting to hurl the bag down onto the pavement due to any abyss like behavior being exhibited by not finding keys etc.

A bag showing abyss like tendencies generally remains in the dark recesses of the closet.

Take a read at the stir caused when Balengiaca showed off a bag which resembled an IKEA blue bag Read here.

Here are some suggestions:

Tory Burch Robinson Leather Tote

Up next Louis Vuitton

Followed by This Prada beauty

Then I saved the best for last purely cause I think it’s genius – a tote with a built in I Phone Charger! The truth is that such a bag exists- friends I wouldn’t lie to you! Kate Spade has developed one! Oh my ordering one today!

Grab this brilliant bag  Here 

It is called The Everpurse X Kate Spade I-Phone charging Tote!

This is genius – no more having to leave your phone charging at the office, in the car or with someone else! Put it in your bag – simple and significant!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I did and discovering that a stylish bag that can charge your I-phone at the same time! Well needless to say I’m chuffed!




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