The Commandments of Style

Bottega Veneta, founded in early 1960’s creates bespoke consumer goods with a primary focus on men and women’s ready-to-wear clothing, small leather goods and select home items.  The company was launched by Vittorio, who ran the company and Laura Moltedo who was it’s creative director and president for many years.  Interestingly this luxury goods company, unlike its competitors does not put any label’s or logos on its goods and the only label will be found inside.  It is best summed up by its philosophy of when your own initials are enough – which is so exhilarating for a luxury brand.  With a showroom in New York it’s headquarters are in Milan.  The company merged with Gucci in July 2001.

Most of us will instantly recognize their trademark handbag made of woven leather strips.  This much sought after bag is uniquely crafted from the finest materials.  More recent incarnations include soft suede and plenty of fringing.

Visit the official Bottega Veneta site here

The Spring 2018 runway show was impressive on all fronts from the color palette, which was according to reports inspired by the Marble Room at Kedleston Hall. Which is evident when you take a sneak peak at the Grand Hall:

And his interpretation and collection were inspired and brilliant as is evident from these photo’s:

Tomas Maier’s spectacularly created a modern sporty collection which will most definitely appeal to a younger demographic.  Bold embellishments adorned with perfect pitch gave the entire collection a modern trendy feel. Mirrored hardware brilliantly placed further sharpened and exuded the bold statement this collection so dazzlingly and successfully delivers.

Dusty pastels of blues, pink and lilacs and flesh tones are luminous through mirrors, sequins and expertly placed metallic studs.  A dark lime green accent color gives a modern edge to the collection.  It is ultra glamorous but with a trendy feel.

I was seriously impressed with this collection and hope you are too!





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