The next must have item

Dear darlings,

The next must have item in any capsule closet is a biker jacket.  The biker jacket’s roots are military – having been worn by German Fighter Pilots during World War I as a protective outer layer.

Throughout the jackets various incarnations it has managed to maintain its solid popularity amongst the fashionable and is synonymous with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller,  Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Aniston to name a few as is evident below.

With a veritable cornucopia on offer there’s no excuse to not find the perfect one. Personally I prefer a more toned down version with less metal studs and more matte leather as shiny leather and too many studs can look a tad cheap and trashy.  Personally it is more the silhouette and tailoring I like as opposed to too much embellishments be it in the form of studs, tassels, zips etc.

Worn with a long gathered skirt will create a casual boho look think Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.  Equally the biker jacket looks sensational with a pair of skinny jeans and biker boots.  This item is so versatile Sienna Miller famously wore a Burberry Biker Jacket to the 2013 Met Gala with much success.

Sienna-Miller-rexfeatures_2320883cq.jpg When it comes to pulling of wearing a bikers jacket to me it is all about the attitude you wear it with and not the specific item.  This is partly why this garment is such a prized possession and why it is a must have item.

Here are some of my suggestions for your capsule closet:



One of the most fashionable sites I can recommend is Lance Crawford go here

Lane Crawford - US

Well worth a visit for some truly remarkable fashion finds.

Ciao for now but I promise more to follow soon.



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