If the shoe fits, wear it

Hello friends,

So this week I’ve decided to dedicate all my posts on the perfect capsule closet on shoes and more specifically flat shoes.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I used to love wearing heels until I could no longer suffer through the agony of running around in heels all day. Shoes which were once treasured now caused me to want to violently toss them in the garbage.  I guess as we get older one of the things that happens is when it is warmer (and it gets very warm in Cape Town) our feet swell quite a bit.  This was not an affliction I had previously encountered so it took me quite a while to figure out that it was that which was causing the trouble.  So I have already touched on the Sketchers which my Podiatrist recommends here.

Next shoe brand that I adore and can highly recommend is Melissa.

Melissa’s pioneered the jelly sandals and provided millions of summer footwear to kids in the 80’s and 90’s in Brazil.  Collaborations with famous designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, Comme des Garcons and Rei Kawakubo has seen the brand gain international fame and a sophisticated clientele.

One of the things I love most about the brand is that they offer such a fashionable variety of shoes from ballet flats to platform pumps and from sandals to boots.  Every pair is made from recycled, hypoallergenic PVC and made to the highest standards.  Each pair has a remarkable scent and the best way to describe it is what their website says:

“Their unique smell is one of Melissa’s hallmarks. It is a memory trigger: the mark of childhood and adult lives alike. It’s part of teenage memory of those who grew up associating our shoes to a significant time in their lives.”

For me the smell reminds me of a eraser – it reminds me of many hours spent drawing as a child.  The erasers back then had a beautiful smell and every time I put on one of my many pairs of Melissa shoes I am taken back to drawing.   The other truly remarkable thing is that they keep there scent for absolute ages.  Generally I am very hard on shoes so I was astounded that they remained so beautifully scented for so long.  For me given that we live in an exceptionally hot part of the world – Cape Town often gets to 35 Degrees Celsius – and when after a long hot summer day you take your shoes off you are pleasantly delighted when this gorgeous smell wafts from your weary feet.

I am fortunate to have a remarkably generous mother who spoils me with many pairs of gorgeous Melissa shoes – as is evident from the photo below of my shoe closet:

Whats more I can personally attest that their customer service is brilliant! I had a pair of the flocked variety which has a velvet like finish to it. It was not long after I started wearing it a few times that I noticed the flocked layer was peeling away in parts of the one shoe. Given that they were new I decided to get in touch with the agents in South Africa and bring this to their attention as it was the first time I’d ever had any issues with the product. Honestly I wasn’t holding out much hope for anything being done so much to my delight they responded with an immediate solution. I couriered the faulty pair and got an email in which I could select the replacement pair.  A few days later a brand new pair arrived!  Service like that deserves a mention.  It also means that I remain a steadfast fan who is always recommending it. In fact I was wearing a pair today and the Salesperson at Jo Malone asked me where I got them…I told her!

Wishing you all a happy feet day!


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