Lets recap how many items we have selected for our Capsule Wardrobe so far…

So friends in case you have missed it, we are putting together a capsule wardrobe.  Most people – myself included – have too many items in the closet.  Items which don’t fit as well as they once did and should be given a new home or items which you are not able to part with for fear that your life will no longer have any meaning.

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All wrapped up…

A selection of some of my favorite fabulous wrapping paper which complements my mantra when it comes to gift wrap of brilliant design and luxurious paper with a gorgeous heavy weight which adds panache to any present:

“Burch” Wrapping Paper from Rifle Paper Company.  Sheets are sized 19.5″ x 27″ and come in packs of three.  Available at Amazon for $10.55.


From Wrappily (Made from 100% recyclable paper and soy based ink) comes this set of six generous (21.5″ by 34″) reversible sheets of wrapping called “Happy Hawaii/ Kawaii Waves”.  Get your set here for $15.00 and you will also get gift tag stickers when your order arrives…Yay!


Another stunner from Rifle Paper Co called “Rosa” printed in the USA on text weight paper.  Sheets are 19.5″ x 27″ and comes in sets of three – available here.d1554bd84d5877120778ba61055f0f3e

“The Enchanted Garden” is a whimsical collection by Wrappily.  Wrappily’s reversible gift wrap sheets come flat and folded with complementary gift tag stickers. Sheet size is 21.5″ x 34”. Printed in Washington on recycled and recyclable newsprint.  Grab yours here.