In the bag – What tote to buy now…

Hello friends,

The next must have wardrobe item is a work tote or everyday hold all.  The word tote means carry.  Boy do I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me!  Traditional totes have two handles but given the enormous array of merchandise on offer this is just a descriptive.

The deciding factor here has to be ease of getting to the contents of the bag quickly -without wanting to hurl the bag down onto the pavement due to any abyss like behavior being exhibited by not finding keys etc.

A bag showing abyss like tendencies generally remains in the dark recesses of the closet.

Take a read at the stir caused when Balengiaca showed off a bag which resembled an IKEA blue bag Read here.

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Cover-up…The amazing Charlotte Tilbury Foundation and Friends

Dear Friends,

I read an interesting article yesterday on The Daily Mail (a UK news site) about Amal Clooney and her makeup artist – the sensational make up guru Charlotte Tilbury.  You can read the article here.

We can all agree that this incredible women looks phenomenal and clearly the close bond of friendship between her and Charlotte is a match made in girlfriend heaven (Imagine the access to insider products & freebies – oh my hat…)

Just a little bit of sharing with you.


Charlotte Tilbury CA