Let the cat out of the bag…

I am going to share something special with you this Sunday.  A few years ago I was introduced to a letterpress company in Cape Town known as the Letterpress Company and dealt with the seasoned Gitanjali who indulged several changes and tweaks and last minute alterations to some work being done.

All their bespoke products are printed using antique, hand-operated equipment using the finest tree-free paper.  Thus making them luxury without a cost to the environment.

So as I write a note to friends about their pending nuptials I have to let the cat out of the bag and share this gem with you…

The Letterpress Company

This is Artisan Supremacy and the note cards and tissue-lined envelopes will make your note stand out from the crowd.

For more information please visit their website


The Art of the Press…

I am obsessed with the art of the Letterpress – I adore the craftsmanship, the way it feels when you run your fingers over it and the look.  It is the oldest traditional printing technique with it being in use from the time of Gutenberg (about 1450) until the development of lithography (late 18th century).

Originally the ink-bearing surface for printing a page of text was assembled from individual types by a typesetter or compositor, … (100 of 343 words).