Keeping it simple…

Dear friends,

Just a quick recap of the items we have covered as we journey towards creating the perfect all year round capsule wardrobe.  A simple beautifully curated wardrobe is a must for all modern women who have increasing work/life pressures but still need to look fabulous.

So far we have covered:

The white shirt –  recap here

Blue Jeans – check it out here again

Black Pants – summary here


More jaw dropping fashions to follow so come back soon to see more no risk ideas for your styled capsule wardrobe.



The Art of the Press…

I am obsessed with the art of the Letterpress – I adore the craftsmanship, the way it feels when you run your fingers over it and the look.  It is the oldest traditional printing technique with it being in use from the time of Gutenberg (about 1450) until the development of lithography (late 18th century).

Originally the ink-bearing surface for printing a page of text was assembled from individual types by a typesetter or compositor, … (100 of 343 words).